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Landscape & Water Feature
Patio, Fire Feature & Retaining Wall


This project was a landscape remodel due to the customer putting an addition on the house. The purpose of the project was to connect the old patio with the entertaining space/rec room inside the new addition. Some of the requirements of the project were to create a patio that connects the two areas of the outdoor living space, create a space for a hot tub with a shade structure, and repair the existing irrigation/lawn and redesign the irrigation and landscape around the new addition.


Some other things that were done were to remodel and update the existing landscaping, update the existing lighting and add lighting on the whole property as well as incorporate colored lighting, add a new gas fireplace for ease of use, add a small cooking area and built-in gas grill, add some trees and some landscape accents out in the yard to break up the size of the property, replace the front stamped colored concrete steps and sidewalk that were peeling with matching pavers, build a sidewalk to the access door from the driveway, install hardy perennial plantings, regrade and reseed the areas disturbed by the new addition, and incorporate drip irrigation into the landscape and automate all the watering on the property.


A couple of other customer requests were to incorporate the customers cattle brands into the new patio similar to the old one and to use some boulders and antiques that the customer had collected from their farm.

Lighting, Landscaping, Paver Patio & More