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What We're About

Quality, Affordable Landscaping

Kirwan Design and Landscaping, LLC was established in 2014 for the purpose of bringing quality landscape design and installation to south central South Dakota, and north central Nebraska. We find it essential to use quality products and installation techniques to ensure a long-lasting, low maintenance landscape. We strive to provide the best experience for our clients as well as providing a landscape design that is unique to each site and customer preference. Whether you are renovating your existing outdoor space or building the home of your dreams, we are here to help any way we can. 

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Let's Make It Happen

It All Starts With An Idea

Whether we are starting with new construction or a renovation, let Kirwan Design and Landscaping, LLC be involved from step one. We specialize in site design which means we can help with placement of features such as driveways and sidewalks or help find the best location on that site to place your home. This saves time, money, and future headaches. Are you thinking about a walk-out basement that is going to need retaining walls? Where should I put the driveway? We can help you get the most enjoyment and value out of your home.



The ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course provides education on the construction of interlocking concrete pavements. This document conveys that the above-named participant has passed the Concrete Paver Installer Course and has met the minimum installation experience required by ICPI for this certification.


The Design Process

Site Review Consult

Our Design process starts with an at-home consultation. This is where we will go over all of your wants and needs for the project. This is also where we will get all the technical information to complete a design.

Design & Estimate

A design is now drawn for the site or area that is to be worked on. This is not always necessary depending upon the requirements of the site and homeowner. These plans can range from very elaborate to a simple hand-drawn sketch of a small area. These plans can be computer-generated or hand-drawn dependent on site requirements and, they include a full estimate of costs if the customer desires.


We take great pride in our attention to detail during the construction phase. We are also willing to work with homeowners during construction and address any questions or concerns. We have the tools and equipment to complete any job, large or small.

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